Why Clients Use Us

Our clients use us for 4 main reasons:

1)  Time – Our clients realize that their time is a scare resource.  The idea of having to become an expert and dedicate oneself to hours of research, constant monitoring of investments and tax law changes, and the hours of miscellaneous management tasks just does not appeal to our client base.

2)  Technology – Our clients realize the technology and research tools that we provide and have access to would cost them thousands of dollars each year.  From strictly a cost perspective we are normally a less expensive option.

3)  Leverage Strengths – With years of graduate level education and experience, we can provide a professional perspective.  There is an abundance of information available, so our clients rely on us to decipher what is credible and complete.  Our client’s situations are often different then their coworkers, neighbors, or relatives.  They want a professional perspective specific to their situation.

4)  Customized Complete Package – Our wealth portal allows our clients access to their complete financial picture.  Our portal is a one-stop-shop where clients can view all their updated accounts, investments, financial plans, wills, taxes, and estate planning documents.  In addition to their wealth portal, they have our expertise to make sure the areas we help them manage fit with the rest of their financial puzzle.

Berenz Wealth Management (BWM) RIA services do not include Tax Services that BWM offers, and BWM does not offer legal advice.