RIA Technology


My clients receive professional investment and portfolio management using the following technologies:

Berenz Wealth Portal – This personalized web portal captures your complete financial picture in an easy to navigate dashboard.  In a glance, you will be able to see in real time all your accounts both managed by BWM and those that are not managed by BWM, such as your 401K or bank CD.  In addition, you can add your real estate, bank accounts, and other assets and liabilities.  The portal allows a place for you to store your financial plan, will, taxes, etc.  It really does take one’s complex financial picture and make it simple.

Sungard Wealth Station Financial Planning Software – Our financial plans are developed with this industry leading technology.  Sungard offers a number of complete financial models that allow us to plan for a number of our clients’ challenges.  Click the image to see an example of one of the retirement plan reports.

Custodian – Our clients have their accounts held at E*Trade.  This allows them all the tools, resources, and services that E*Trade offers.  In addition, the custodian setup provides another layer of business continuity and account transparency.

Other tools – In addition, BWM uses a number of professional portfolio management tools and research sites.  These include, but are not limited to, Morningstar, Ycharts Professional, Zacks, and Forefield Advisors.

Companies listed above are independent and are in no way affiliated with Brian Berenz or Berenz Wealth Management, LLC.